Android Hobbyist

I am the software engineering lead for learning and development at Yext, a tech company focused on online brand management. I am based out of Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, DC.

Prior to becoming a software engineer, I had been in the classroom for 18 years - 16 of those as a computer science teacher. I am passionate about showing young people how to create something from nothing and making them thirsty to learn more.  I enjoy collaborating with and mentoring other teachers in order to improve student achievement.

In addition to working at Yext, I continue to serve as a consultant with the College Board, leading workshops for AP Computer Science A teachers.

I often get asked to speak to teachers on a variety of CS education topics. My current passions are teaching native Android development and making assignments that use real-world data as ways of motivating students and keeping them interested in their work.

Had a soundbite once on NPR.  Still can’t get over that it involved cats.

I retired from coaching cheerleading in 2014.  I now use my pom poms to cheer for CS.

If you want to know even more about me, you can read my CV.